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The Zemmgrund

The Zemmgrund

The Zemmgrund valley opens up from Alpengasthof Breitlahner, which is located between Ginzling (999 m) and the Schlegeis reservoir (1,780 m). There is still just one toll road running from Breitlahner up to the reservoir. When one hikes in Zemmgrund, you are actually wandering along the glacier's footprint. Those hikers searching for food, drinks and accommodations will find that which they seek as there are several guesthouses and mountain huts, such as the Gasthof Breitlahner (1,240 m), the Grawandhütte (1,640 m), the Waxeggalm (1,870 m) and the Alpenrosenhütte (1,873 m).

A very beloved destination is the splendid Berliner Hütte (2,042 m), which is protected as an historic monument and which once had its own shoemaker and post office. Within viewing range are the Schwarzenstein, Hornkees and Waxeggkees glaciers. Glacier measurements have been carried out here since 1891 – the longest measuring series within the Eastern Alpine region are therefore the measurements from Zemmgrund. At the "Gletscherweg Berliner Hütte", one can find out all the important information concerning hiking and exploring glacier areas. Find out how glaciers were made, what's inside of them and how they changed their environments during and after the last ice age and how they still continue to shape their surroundings. You can also experience much more: there's copious information about the beginnings of mountain climbing, garnet mining as well as about the flora and fauna in the Zemmgrund valley.

The nature guidebooks can provide you with the facts regarding these topics in addition to information about the glacier ice path. The nature guidebooks are available at all the mountain huts (Hütten) in Zemmgrund, in the Nature Park office and the Tourist Board in Mayrhofen-Hippach. With its many interesting summit ascents and outcroppings, Zemmgrund makes the heart of every alpine fan beat faster! One gains northward access to the Berliner Höhenweg via the Mörchenscharte (2,977 m) to the Greizer Hütte (2,227 m) or southward access via the Schönbichler Scharte (3,081 m) to Furtschaglhaus (2,293 m). One can addition gain access over Melkerscharte (2,814 m) in the Gunggl and then continuing in the valley toward Ginzling or via Schwarzensteinkees Glacier and Tribbachsattel (3,028 m) in Ahrntal Valley in South Tyrol.

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