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The Gunggl

The Gunggl

The Gunggl is a small tributary valley, which is lesser travelled than the other valleys. However, from a topological viewpoint, the Gunggl is a very rewarding destination in itself and its Maxhütte (1,449 m) provides a rustic mountain hut for stopping by for a bite to eat and lingering a while.

Rising out of the valley saddle there is remarkable mountain with an equally interesting tale connected with it – the Feldkopf (3,087 m), also known as the "Matterhorn of Zillertals". In 1879, the mountain that was long considered unconquerable was conquered by the Viennese brothers Emil and Otto Zsigmondy and since then the mountain bears the name Zsigmondyspitze in their honour. Only one year after this victory over the peak, Emil Zsigmondy was killed, at the age of 24 years, during a mountain-climbing accident in the French Alps. With its connecting Melkerscharte (2,814 m), the Gunggl provides a thrilling descending pass to the Berliner Hütte (2,042 m) and offers the option to enter onto the Berliner Höhenweg, which is known and loved by mountain climbers.

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