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Zamsergrund and Schlegeisgrund

Zamsergrund (Zams Valley) and Schlegeisgrund (Schlegeis Valley) are the commencement point for tours along the Berliner Höhenweg and to Friesenberghaus (2,477 m), Olperer Hütte (2,388 m) and Furtschaglhaus (2,293 m) as well as for crossing the Pfitscher Jochs (2,246 m) to South Tyrol. With armrests consisting of the high alpine peaks such as the Großen Möseler (3,480 m) or the Hochfeiler (3,509 m), the Schlegeis Glacier reigns impressively in its throne over Schlegeisspeicher (Schlegeis reservoir).

Both are unambiguously exceptional classics for alpinists and are coveted for glacier and ski tours in both winter as well as summer. The trail to Pfitscher Joch is an old smuggler path and the interesting stories entwining around its past makes it even more intriguing. It was not so long ago that merchandise was smuggled over the borders between North Tyrol and South Tyrol – smuggling first started to slowly ebb after World War II.

In the direction of Pfitscher Joch and situated about the western threshold of the nature parks, there are a number of other popular tour destinations waiting for discovery by Tux Alps mountaineers and skiers: Olperer (3,476 m), Fußstein (3,381 m) and Schrammacher (3,410 m). Especially scenically impressive are the waterfalls that swoosh precipitously forth from Schrammachkar gen Tal. Further to the east lies a wild-romantic tributary valley called the Haupental which offers fascinating views of the glacial masses bedecking then Hochferner (3,470 m) and remains an insider tip among mineral collectors.

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