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Floiten Valley

Floiten Valley

One reaches the "Floite", as the valley is called in the local vernacular, via the mountain village Ginzling. Protected by its "landmark mountain" - the Dristner (2,767 m) - a hiker can wander leisurely toward the valley and will thereby pass "Jausenstationen" (rustic snack bars) such as the Tristenbachalm (1,200 m), the Steinbockhütte (1,380 m) or the Sulzenalm (1,320 m).

The Floite is not only loved traditionally by hikers, but more recently it has also become a favourite bicycle touring destination. The Floiten Valley has a low level of traffic and is completely blocked to public transport; only the shuttle taxi transports up to the materials cable car of the Greizer Hütte. The valley saddle is formed majestically from the Floiten Glacier and peaks such as the Große Löffler (3,376 m), the Floitenturm (2,805 m) or the Floitenspitze (3,195 m).

At 2,227 m, the Greizer Hütte is located in Upper Floiten Valley and is a favourite waystation on the Berliner Höhenweg ("High-Altitude Trail") with an impressive panoramic vista of the Floiten Glacier. In 2005, the Greizer Hütte was awarded the environmental quality stamp by the German Alpine Club (DAV) – an award conferred for particularly ecologically-operated mountain huts. From the Floiten Valley, one can travel over the Lapenscharte (2,701 m) and further to the Kasseler Hütte (2,178 m) in the Stillup Valley or over the Mörchenscharte (2,977 m) and the Schwarzsee lake to the Berliner Hütte (2,042 m) in the Zemmgrund.

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