The Nature Park region

The Zillertal

The wild natural landscape here is closely interwoven with human habitat and economic activity. The fruits of their labour are seen in the fascinating cultural landscape with flowering meadows and high alpine pastures that are the hallmarks of this region. The secret of the attraction that the Zillertal Alps High Mountain Nature Park possesses lies in the close juxtaposition of high alpine wildness and bustling agricultural landscape. It is what makes the exploration of this region into a diverse and unforgettable experience. 

Tributary valleys

In the local vernacular of Zillertal, the upper valley troughs fingering out starting from Mayrhofen are called "Gründe" (meaning "reasons" and "ground bottoms" in English). The name derives from the broad pasturages in the heads of valleys that open up when emerging from the narrow valley troughs. Only the Tuxer Tal retains its "Tal" name (German for "valley"), probably because it was also predominantly settled from the Wipp Valley.

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