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Environmental Construction Sites

Environmental Construction Sites

Would you like to be actively involved for one week with the Austrian Alpine Club and the Nature Park? Then participate in the "Environmental Construction Site" programme! Three Environmental Construction Sites. Register directly with the Austrian Alpine Club. The Nature Park team is responsible for on-site set-up of the Environmental Construction Sites (German: "Umweltbaustellen").

Friesenberg mountain pasturage 21. til 27. June 2020

A marvellously located mountain pasture near the Schlegeis reservoir. The land owners are especially happy these days since we have a management plan for the Friesenbergalm to protect the nature.  >> more information and booking



Gungglalm Mountain pasturage 28. June til 4. July 2020

One of the most beautiful mountain pastures in the Nature Park is the Gungglalm.  We help the more information & booking


Alpine pasture Loschbodenalm von 19. til 25. July 2020

The Loschbodenalm is a beautiful alpine pasture in the Tux valley. We help to rebuild the stonewalls in the upper area of the Loschbodenalm. >>>more information and booking

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