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Trekking the Berliner Höhenweg

Trekking the Berliner Höhenweg

Crossing the Nature Park in seven days

150 years ago, Alpinism discovered the area that would become the modern Nature Park and left its stamp on the region by establishing numerous "Schutzhütten" (mountain huts) and "Höhenwegen" (high-attitude trails). Of these, the most well-known is the Berliner Hütte, the grandly elevated peaks of Zillertal and the main chain of the Tux (Tuxer Hauptkamm), such as Hochfeiler (3,509 m), Großer Möseler (3,478 m) and the Olperer (3,476). 

Trekking on the Berliner Höhenweg can be mastered by those mountaineers who feel comfortable in high-alpine terrain. Important prerequisites are good equipment, a high level of physical fitness, steady footing and the ability to hike high passes without getting dizzy plus some trekking experience. Generally, one does not need any special mountain-climbing gear or picks and crampons; difficult spots are safeguarded. Equipping oneself with a GPS device is recommended, but is certainly not obligatory as all trails are well marked and clearly visible during clear weather. However, it is important to bear in mind that weather conditions can change quickly and bring snow even in summer.

Zillertal Alps Nature Park will no longer manage trekking packages for the Berlin High Trail from 2020 onwards. Overnight stays at the individual huts along the High Trail route can now be booked online.

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Mountain huts on the trail
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