The Nature Park's environmental education area hosts the following series of three permanent exhibitions: Glacier Worlds in the Nature Park House in Ginzling, Culture Landscapes Worlds in Mitterstall in Brandberg and Steinbock Worlds in Zillergrund. Until April 2019 there will be a special exhibition of the  Nature Park in the "Mehlerhaus" celebrating "OLPERER 150 - 3.476 m above the adria“. In the Zamser Valley is a special exhibition on the Lavitzalm - "Pfitscher Joch grenzenlos".

Interactive and multimedia stations with a hands-on approach: see, touch and comprehend.

The Alpine steinbock, also known as the ibex, has a very chequered history in the High Mountain Nature Park. 

Mitterstall, the former livestock feeding areas, is an important mountain farming cultural heritage.

Ausstellung auf der Lavitzalm im Zamsergrund

 Im Zentrum steht im wahrsten Sinn der Olperer - der Berg des Tuxertales.

Summer Programme '18

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