Collecting minerals

Crop damage due to mineral collectors

The Zillertal Alps lie within the geological zone of Tauernfenster ("Tauern Window") and have always drawn many mineral collectors into the region - and thus also into what is currently the Nature Park - due to its mineral wealth. Even the first tourists to Zillertal actually came for the innumerable minerals such as amethyst, rock crystal, moonstone, tourmaline and, above all, garnet.

Article 28 of the nature conservancy legal provisions of Tyrol covers minerals:

  • It is prohibited to deliberately destroy or damage minerals and fossils as an end in itself. Minerals are not "mineral raw materials". The mining of such materials is specified in the Mineral Raw Minerals Law (MinroG).
  • The use of simple hand tools, such as hammers and chisels, is permissible.
  • Minerals or fossil are not to be collected by means of mechanical, explosive or incendiary devices.
  • Crop damage and adverse effects to grassed areas are to be avoided and recovery sites are to be returned to their original state after minerals have been recovered.

The great damage to sensitive alpine landscape has been confirmed locally via on-site inspections by the Mayrhofen police, the alpine police, the Schwaz District Commission, the mountain rescue service, the Nature Park caretakers and rangers, the Austrian Federal Forestry Company (Österreichische Bundesforste AG) and the hunting supervisory body of the Section Berlin. In particular, the mineral collectors in Zemmgrund above the Berliner Hütte leave large, completely dug-up hillside areas. During these digs, the sod is removed in order to facilitate searches for underlying minerals. Breaking through the sod induces the formation of erosion channels, which, in turn, can erode entire hillsides. In addition to wider clarification about the legal framework regarding mineral collection, monitoring and patrols are also to take place to observe further developments, especially in Zemmgrund.

Cases of infringement/non-compliance are to be checked more frequently in the future by the police and the mountain rescue service and charges brought forward according to the relevant nature conservancy legal provisions of Tyrol!

diese Art von Mieraliensammeln ist im Naturpark und auch außerhalb verboten!
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