Alliance in the Alps

The Nature Park region has been a member of the Allianz in den Alpen (Alliance in the Alps) network of municipalities since 2012. As part of the festivities attached to "Alpweek 2012" in Poschiavo, Switzerland, the membership of the municipalities of Brandberg, Mayrhofen, Finkenberg and Tux proclaimed the region "Zillertal Alps High Mountain Nature Park".

Alliance in the Alps" (AidA) was founded in 1997 and consists of municipalities and regions within seven countries/states of the Alpine area and it currently has over 300 members. As a founding member, the Brandberg municipality was already involved at the very beginning and could implement projects such as the mapping of biotopes and man-made landscapes.

The object of the network is to jointly develop, with the citizens of the Alpine inhabited area, the entire biotope area in a sustainable manner. "Exchange – Address – Implement" is the main idea. The foundation of the work was laid by the Alpine Convention – the international agreement designed to protect the natural and cultural spheres and to promote sustainable development in the Alpine area. The current goal for the "High Mountain Nature Park of the Zillertal Alps" region is to reinforce implementation of the principles of the Alpine Convention and exchange experiences with other municipalities for the purpose of sustainable development.

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