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Mountaineer village at Ginzling

Mountaineer village at Ginzling

Back to the roots

The "Bergsteigerdörfer initiative" aims to promote ecological tourism. It is sponsored by the Austrian Alpine Club , which has also included Ginzling since 2004, as well as 16 other locations in Austria.

Mountaineering villages are regional development cores in terms of sustainable alpine tourism aimed at a "nature experience with a conscience". They guarantee a wide selection of professional tourism opportunities for mountaineers, picturesque landscapes and pristine environments. In addition, they are committed to preserving local cultural values and always taking nature into account.

As a result of the project, Ginzling is now ready to position itself on the tourism market. Due to the intense public relations efforts of the initiative as well as the work of the Klettersteig Nasenwand Nature Park and the Naturpark- und Alpinbibliothek (Nature Park and Alpine Library), several positive success points have already been specifically defined for the project. The municipal superintendent of Ginzling, the Alpine Club (Section Zillertal) and the Nature Park are jointly working together to further develop the initiative and test out methods to establish sustainable tourism in Ginzling.


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