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Marvel at the testimony from olden times

The Nature Park is an ideal hiking area due to its widespread network of trails and its numerous mountain huts. With the opening of the now landmark-protected Berliner Hütte in Zillertal in 1879, the very first Alpine Club mountain hut came into existence. Today there are a total of eight mountain huts of the German Alpine Club (DAV) as well as six privately operated mountain huts within the Nature Park. In addition to the DAV Section Berlin (Berliner Hütte, Friesenberghaus and Furtschaglhaus), the Sections Greiz (Greizer Hütte), Kassel (Kasseler Hütte), Neumarkt i.d. Oberpfalz (Olperer Hütte), Otterfing (Gamshütte), Plauen (Plauener Hütte), Würzburg (Karl-von-Edel-Hütte) and Aschaffenburg (Biwakschachtel Weißkarjöchl) all operate mountain huts in the Nature Park. In addition to the above, there are still some private mountain huts in the Nature Park.

A special feature is the Berliner Höhenweg (High-Altitude Trail) that connects the Alpine Club huts with one another. This walking route winds through the entire Nature Park and offers breathtaking insights into the world of nature. Since 2008, the Nature Park has offered two to seven-day trekking package tours along the Berliner Höhenweg. The package tours offer a coupon booklet for overnight stays with half-board in the mountain huts as well as maps and bus vouchers.

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